Keto-Friendly Foods

5 Delicious and Simple Keto-Friendly Foods

5 Delicious and Simple Keto-Friendly Foods

Dieting for weight loss is normally associated with one thing: bland and boring foods. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the prominent reasons people don’t diet in the first place. They aren’t willing to sacrifice their favorite meals, snacks, and desserts.

 This is especially the case with the ketogenic diet, which has scientifically proven to induce rapid weight loss. In the Ketogenic Diet, you have to cut out most, if not all, carbohydrates. That includes bread, rice, pasta, pastries, a lot of tasty foods.

 There are endless healthy, keto-friendly, and tasty options if you know what to eat. These foods can be mixed together, ate on their own, or used to create amazing meals. These are 5 Delicious and Simple Keto-Friendly Foods to consider eating when on a ketogenic diet.

  • Seafood
  • Meat and poultry
  • Eggs
  • Low-Carb Vagetables
  • Cheese

Keto-Friendly Foods: Seafood

Healthy protein sources are the building blocks of a healthy keto diet. Proteins contribute to the formation of lean muscle mass and weight loss. Basically, fish and shellfish are rich in vitamins, minerals, and virtually no carbohydrates

They are also richly packed with healthy fatty acids leading to reduced risk of disease and improved mental health as well.

You can use a keto meal plan and recipe maker service like Custom Keto Diet for non-stop seafood ideas. This custom Keto meal plan  includes an 8 week easy-to-follow delicious recipes and cooking methods that lead you through preparing, cooking, and serving keto-friendly foods.

Seafood can be served along with a salad rich in fibers and leafy vegetables to support a feeling of fullness. You may try serving it with sliced mango and avocado for a delicious and sweet finish.

Keto-Friendly Foods: Meat and poultry

 Meat and poultry are as popular as seafood all over the world. Similar to that of seafood, both are rich in good protein, healthy fats, and vitamins. They are typically no carbs diet which make them an awesome choice for people losing weight on a ketogenic diet. The high protein count has been shown to preserve muscle mass during a low-carb diet as well.2

However, the healthiest choices are Grass-fed meat. The grass-fed meat has the most amount of nutrients and the least amount of hormones. Meat and chicken don’t have to be boring either. There’s no need to bring tupperware containers of unseasoned chicken and broccoli everywhere you go. 

Try making a curry chicken dish served with a sweet cranberry and pumpkin seed salad. Or, use salt, pepper, and lemon for a simple but delicious seasoning.

Keto-Friendly Foods: Eggs

 Dairy products are another good food group for people who are losing weight on a ketogenic diet. This is because dairy products contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and very low amounts of carbs. Particularly, one should try consuming more eggs. You can either purchase the boxes or purchase the egg whites for an easy way to prepare various recipes.

One of the great benefits of adding eggs to your diet is that it has been proven to increase the sense of fullness.3 That means reduced cravings for binge eating and snacking on foods that knock you out of ketosis.

Eggs can be cooked and served in classic styles such as scrambled, hard-boiled, sunny side up, over easy, and soft boiled. Combine it with vegetables like onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, green onion, and peas. Top it with your favourite cheese and enjoy!

Keto-Friendly Foods: Low-carb Vegetables

 Some amount of carbohydrates are perfectly fine on a ketogenic diet. It’s Obvious that you don’t want to go overboard, but a small amount doesn’t spoil your Keto diet plan. Your body will remain in ketosis as you need 25-35 grams of carbs to break out of it. Remain under that and you’re still in fat-burning mode.

That’s why low-carb vegetables are a great choice for a filling snack or for mixing into other keto-friendly dishes. Non-starchy,low carb vegetables include:

  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Spinach
  • White mushrooms
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus
  • Radishes

Keto-Friendly Foods: Cheese

 Another dairy product that you must include in your ketogenic diet is cheese. Cheese is an abundant source of  protein, healthy fats, vitamins like calcium, and has virtually no carbs. This means consuming cheese will help you gain muscle, lose fat, and remain healthy during your ketogenic diet journey. Addition to that,cheese contains  the conjugated linoleic acid which is linked to fat loss and improved body composition.4

However, cheese is a very simple and plain item. How do you dress it up? Make it an exciting and tasty dish? Recipe and meal plan makers like Custom keto Diet do the trick to turn it into a delicious meal plan. They provide you with hundreds of ideas for delicious keto-friendly meals. Best part is that they show you how to do it through video instructions, so you don’t need to be an expert chef—just able to follow simple videos.

  • Keto-vagetables
  • Keto-Snacks
  • Keto-SideDishes
  • Keto-Deserts
  • Keto and Cheese


One of the biggest difficulties to follow on any diet like the ketogenic diet is tasteless bland meals. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be eating delicious healthy foods all day if you are a little bit  innovative and know the right things to eat.

It begins with the right protein sources like fish, meat, and poultry. All of these ingredients will provide you with high amounts of protein to help gain muscle and lose fat. Mix these into salads and other dishes for more nutrients and fibre.

Then, include more low-carb vegetables like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and zucchini in your keto meal plan. These can be eaten as snacks to help you feel full or served alongside meat.

Dairy products like eggs and cheese are abundant sources of healthy fats and protein. Eggs can be cooked in many different ways to prepare a variety of delicious keto meals. Cheese can be used as a topping in a variety of dishes or even be consumed as a healthy snack.

Need more keto-friendly foods and recipe ideas? Check out Custom Keto Diet, 8 week Keto meal plan service today for hundreds of ideas to help you lose weight and never be bored with dieting again. 

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