3 Common Keto Mistakes

3 Common Keto Mistakes That May Be Preventing You from Losing Weight

3 Common Keto Mistakes That May Be Preventing You from Losing Weight

It is not uncommon to come close to eating wrong from the beginning. Someone is inspired to adopt weight loss diet practices but fails to do the initial research. That causes the wheels to spin. That’s why there are ketogenic dietary errors, 3 Common Keto Mistakes that can drastically reduce chances of achieving maximum health and weight loss benefits of staying in a state of ketosis.

The worst part about making consistent weight loss dietary mistakes is that some people keep adding on to their weight and don’t know why. Scientific studies have proven that obesity or being overweight can shorten 20 years of good health off your life.2

In this article you will find the three most common keto mistakes and how to avoid them.

Keto Mistakes #1- Not taking a BHB supplement

Staying in ketosis is challenging task. There’s no question about it. Anyone who have tried the ketogenic diet knows how tough it is not to bite into snacks and desserts that aren’t keto-friendly. They end up losing weeks of hard work and will have to start over the keto Journey again.

Imagine there was a proven method to enter ketosis faster, easier, and gain all of its benefits quickly, without being affected by dreaded keto flu. You know what I’m talking about: symptoms like nausea, headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps, and low energy levels.

Types of Ketones
Types of Ketones

BHB stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate, also known as beta-hydroxybutyric acid is one of the three ‘physiological ketones’ produced by the liver in human body. Other two ketone bodies produced by the liver are acetoacetate (AcAc) and acetone. Ketones are produced by liver in our body when reached a state of Ketosis.

These Ketone bodies have several functions in our body: they become primary source of fuel for organs, signals for gene transcription, and regulators of metabolism.

BHB can be taken as dietary supplement by people who are into strict keto diet to expedite the process of getting into Ketosis without being affected by Keto Flu

BHB supplements raise blood ketone levels and help people enter ketosis and reap its benefits!  One can simply follow a ketogenic diet as usual and expedite the effects with a dietary supplement like KetosisNOW. The body has the fat-burning mechanism within it and you simply have to unlock it.

Keto Mistakes #2– Eating a boring bland diet

Most people associate dieting with:

  1. Eating boing tasteless foods.
  2. Repetitive meal plans.
  3. Excruciating cravings and starving.

A perfect keto diet has nothing to do with any of these despite popular belief. In fact, people can be eating their favorite foods, having fun with their diet, and not overindulging.

The first step is to use an app or software to help meal prep, create meal plans such as Custom Keto Diet Meal Plan. It is a Keto Meal Plan customized to your body, situation, goals and taste buds​. It includes an eight-week meal plan, a downloadable shopping list of every needed ingredient for the week, with detailed recipes, step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple.

8 Spices for weight loss
8 Spices for weight loss

Secondly, embrace seasonings with taste enhancing spices! This is one of the quickest ways to dress up any meal and make it taste awesome. Some of the ingredients to try include salt, pepper, and lemon. However, there’s also turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, and chilly flakes.

The above infographic compiles few of the best herbs you can add to keto meals to enhance the taste of your recipe, supporting weight loss. These may help you prevent indigestion, increase metabolic function, control blood sugar level, and more.

Keto Mistakes #3 – Not remaining in a caloric deficit

Let us introduce a man named Mark Haub, a Professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University.

To prove that the number of calories we consume leads to weight gain, not the quality of calories, Mark put himself under an intense experiment.

What did the experiment consist of exactly? Well, eating junk food every three hours for two months straight. Yes, you read that right. His diet included Twinkies, Doritos, donuts, and other “unhealthy” snacks that many dieters miss.

Mark ate a small portion of vegetables every evening at dinner and took a multivitamin to be a good role model for his children.

What is a calorie deficit

The craziest part of the experiment is that he lost 27 lbs, his body fat percentage dropped from 33.4% to 24.9%, and his overweight body mass index dropped down to normal.1

His LDL, or bad cholesterol, dropped 39%% and his HDL, good cholesterol increased by 39%!

we are not saying to follow this diet. Rather, it’s an incredible example of calories in and calories out. We don’t need to be obsessed with counting calories or an extremely life-restricting diet.

All we need to do is remain in a healthy caloric deficit through exercise, diet, and by using an exogenous ketone supplement like KetosisNOW. The main ingredient, beta-hydroxybutyrate is scientifically proven to reduce appetite.3


Dieting is hard enough. Nonetheless, there are 3 common keto mistakes to avoid if at all anyone wishes to lose weight as well as to keep on track to fitness goals.

The keto diet is extremely delicate to follow and weight loss is a journey not destination. A few unwanted mistakes and you could be restarting all over it again.

Mistake #1 is not using a BHB supplement. These keto dietary supplements like KetosisNOW are proven to offer innumerable benefits like reduced appetite and cravings, increased energy, and higher blood ketone levels.

Secondly, don’t trust the propaganda that keto diet is boring and tasteless. The exact opposite is true. Use a keto recipe and Tailored Keto Meal Plan Service like Custom Keto Diet to instantly come up with delicious keto-friendly meals.

Thirdly, stop avoid excessive calorie counting. Meanwhile, you must have a good idea of how many calories one need to remain in a deficit for losing weight, however, don’t stress and obsess over every detail.

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